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Gill Surgery

December 20, 2018

Gill Surgery

What are the causes of the double chin?

What is commonly known as jowl is an accumulation of fat that is located just below the jaw. It is an area in which almost everyone knows as dewlap to said aesthetic defect. The causes of double chin can be overweight or fat accumulation in that area especially.

What is chin surgery?

There are several options to fix the case of the double chin. One option is to remove the fat through a liposuction and wait for the liposuction to take effect with the skin retraction the area is molded. Another option is to use the lipolaser method, where the process of decreasing fat through the laser is accelerated. The last option is when fat accumulates with flaccidity and you need to go to surgery to remove excess skin that occurs in the area.

What are the advantages of surgery?

It is a quick and simple procedure, it is performed under general anesthesia, its recovery is relatively short and it is ambulatory, it does not require stitches, it is one of the most modern and exclusive techniques in the aesthetic surgery market. Your inflammation and pain are minimal

In what cases is a chin implant necessary?

Not all cases require a chin implant to improve the appearance of the jowls. In certain cases we can observe that the distribution of the maxilla is insufficient in its anterior projection, that is when a chin prosthesis is needed. Very customized prostheses are used for their dimensions, because not all patients need them.

How is the postoperative of chin surgery?

Post-surgical care varies a bit depending on the procedure that has been performed. If the case was the realization of a liposuction of the double chin, the postoperative period is usually relatively comfortable and easy to carry. In some cases a band is used that is left in the area that was operated during the three first days. After three days the doctor will be able to remove the band and the patient will be able to take his day to day a little more normal but with specific care. When the person returns home after work it is important that the band be replaced in order to keep the area compressed. Bruises may appear on the lower part of the neck, visually they are not pleasant but they are easy to cover with a handkerchief.

Attending review visits is of vital importance, only medicating with the medications prescribed by the doctor and taking the recommended doses. All this for a good recovery.

The results?

It is a procedure with very good results but as in all liposuction it is important to give surgery time so that the skin will deflate and the results will be noticed. Approximately one month is the time to deflate enough, results will be seen from the second week but as time passes will be noticed more.

What is the price of chin surgery?

The price of liposuction of the jowl varies depending on the condition of the patient's skin, but the price is close to three million pesos.

Important, if you want to know more about this procedures, contact Dr. John Garcia