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November 29, 2018


Staying young has always been an obsession in the history of the human being.

For many years ago our ancestors tried to delay the passage of time with different rituals of beauty; how all kinds of fruit and herbal masks. With the passing of years and technological development, nowadays there are more tools that allow rejuvenating the face with natural results.

Currently Colombia is the birthplace of facial rejuvenation with surgery, is where this operation is performed achieving results and maximum naturalness. This procedure is one of the biggest advances in plastic surgery.

Many patients from different parts of the world come to Colombia to undergo this procedure of Facial Rejuvenation with Surgery.

The surgical procedure is also known as facelift, easy stretching, rhytidectomy or rhytidoplasty. Colombia, like Mexico and Brazil, are the countries recognized as leaders in plastic surgery. Facial rejuvenation with surgery is seen with some frequency in different parts of the world, where there are excellent plastic surgeons, but in particular patients seem to be inclined to perform the procedure in Colombia.

Medical technology allows plastic surgeons to have more options to offer their patients who want to improve the appearance of their face without losing their natural expressions.

Surgical procedures are necessary to achieve some objectives that cannot be achieved with invasive procedures that are performed in the office. Currently they are a very good alternative to rejuvenate the face and obtain results that last over time.

The procedures that are most performed are; reposition facial structures or remove excess fat in the eyelids.

Many plastic surgeons firmly believe that a good result is characterized by rejuvenating the patient's face without him losing his facial features. The objective with this intervention is that the patient remains the same, but with a few years less and if he has deformities, because the deformities are no longer there. The person should project younger but without altering their natural expressions.


Important, if you want to know more about this procedures, please contact Dr. John Garcia